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BLUE Octopus We recycle plastic waste into high-value materials.

Cover image of BLUE Octopus, Waste management and recycling venture on VC4A

In Blue Octopus we solve post-consumer plastic waste problems using chemical technology.
Plastic waste from post-consumer packaging and textile represent more than Tow-third of all primary virgin polymers produced each year.
Our solution is BLUE OCTOPUS, we offer an integrated solution that collects, sorts, and chemically recycles plastic waste by mono-polymer, before being buried, incinerated or reach the ocean.
This solution consists in chemically decomposing plastic waste in the monomer state and then start building purified blocks to structure a polymer like the virgin polymer.

We are starting an investment round of 600k€ with a pre-money valuation of 3M€. This will help us continue to develop BLUE OCTOPUS as a cleantech technology aggregator and develop our technology through a series of R&D campaigns, increase production and create the company’s collection and sorting infrastructure.
In BLUE OCTOPUS we want bringing plastic to circularity.

Sectors Waste management and recycling
Location Mahdia, Tunisia
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