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Blue Health Ethiopia The Future of Healthcare

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High number of deaths due to emergency accidents in Ethiopia. For example, by the year 2013 EC, there was a total death of more than 4,000 due to traffic accidents only.According to WHO, up to 59% of the deaths from accidents can be prevented by giving first aid at the time of accident. Our value propositions are. 1. We are building the capacity of healthcare professionals by giving CPD trainings on emergency medicine (National Integrated Emergency Medicine(NIEM), Ethiopian Triage, Assessment and Treatment (ETAT) of pediatrics, Point of Care Ultrasound (PoCUS)) 2. Teaching lifesaving skills and knowledge on first aid to our community through our published first aid books in local languages, trainings, mobile application (Derash), Social Medias. 3. Through our derash mobile application we locate the nearest hospital, create linkage to ambulance services and gives basic knowledge on first aid. 4. Shorten Golden Hour of our country.

Sectors Healthcare providers and services
Location Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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