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BLOOM We break poverty cycles through menstrual sustainability

Traditional menstrual products and the lack of knowledge about the female body are causing deep gender inequalities at several social, economical, and environmental levels.

We are talking about 1 out of 4 girls missing out on school because of their awful experiences with menstruation. We are talking about 360kg of trash (tampons or pads) per person in their lifetime. We are talking about a public health issue that affects more than 20% of the world’s population.

In BLOOM we provide a holistic solution that involves sustainable menstrual products, such as menstrual cups and absorbent underwear, as well as an educational gender program focused on breaking those taboos about the female body that our cultures have held for centuries and perpetuate poverty cycles.

Menstrual poverty is real and it needs to be addressed urgently if we want to ever reach gender equality.

Sectors Sexual and reproductive health and rights
Location Bogotá, Colombia
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