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Bitpowr Technologies All in one Blockckchain wallet and digital asset solutions

Cover image of Bitpowr Technologies, Blockchain venture on VC4A

Bitpowr provides the critical infrastructure necessary for businesses to quickly implement web3 based solutions. As it stands today, a business that wants to access simple blockchain based solutions for customers would need to hire a dedicated team with Web3 knowledge or pay an expensive agency to develop bespoke solutions. This is extremely inefficient, slow and expensive – and out of reach for most businesses in Africa.
That’s why we created Bitpowr, a modular ecosystem of scalable web3 infrastructure tailored to businesses in Africa. We enable businesses to provide financial services products and integrations via the blockchain without all of the cost and hassle of building from scratch. Everything from payments to crypto wallets, defi to settlement and custodian services can be enabled through the scalable and secure Bitpowr platform.
Founded by a team of engineers and community builders with a background in crypto and finance, the Bitpowr team are passionate about helping Afric

SectorsBlockchain, Enterprise software, Fintech
LocationDelaware City, United States of America
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