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BitLipa Convenient Borderless Transactions

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Up to $3.7 billion is lost each year due to the high costs of remittance to and within Africa. BitLipa addresses this by providing fast, convenient, affordable financial transactions across borders.

We bridge financial systems by allowing our customers to exchange cash to crypto, crypto to cash, or even one crypto token for another. We protect our customers from the potential volatility of cryptocurrency by providing instant conversions of digital currency to its cash value.

Our solution allows small businesses (merchants) to go global by accepting payments from any part of the world instantly. Businesses can also make payments for supplies from anywhere in the world. We facilitate cross-border trade in Sub-Saharan Africa by allowing businesses to move money at negligible rates and use crypto as a conduit to move value across nation-states’ borders. Our intervention reduces the cost of cross-border payments and remittances by 70%.

SectorsBlockchain, Fintech
LocationNairobi, Kenya
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