Biskara Production and marketing of bbnutritri biscuits and flour

Let us imagine a world in which all children enjoy perfect health and reach their full potential.
According to UNICEF, 45 per cent of all deaths of children under the age of 5 in Benin are due to malnutrition. More than 1.1million children (3 out of 10) suffer from chronic malnutrition, and only one-quarter of its children benefit from food diversity.
BISKARA Sarl is a company created in 2013 to offer children a range of nutritional products based on local ingredients.
Our mission is to restore the child’s health and smile. Since 2014, BISKARA has put in the Beninese market BBnutri (biscuits and flour), very protein-rich and nutrient-rich products approved by the Ministry of Health. More than 7,000 children already impacted.
Our vision is to be one of the largest children’s healthy food producing plants within 5 years and to impact more than 50,000 children in Benin and Africa.

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