BIO NATURA GABON Valorization of Gabonese forest products in form of food or food supplements

We have a project for valorization of Gabonese biodiversity products which have strong potential in, bio technologies, bio energy, bio economy and manufacture processing. We want to build a research and development laboratory in the form of food supplements. 

Some of the most consumed products are plants for food, they are culturally important as part of traditional dishes or nutritionally as a source of vitamins. There is a considerable diversity of plant food in the forest. Vegetables such as sorrel Begonia spp. Hibiscus spp. And some Melastomaceae and kumbu gnetum spp.

Vegetable fats and oils come from Andok irvingia gabonensis, afopoga oleosa from afane panda oleosa and Moabi baillonella toxisperma

Fruits such as Amvout Tricoscypba spp. The atom Dacryodes macrophylia, the ofoss pseudospondias longifolia and the abam gambeya lacourtiana. Nuts like hazel coula edulis.

there is also okoumé resin, mushrooms, asparagus and honey.

Sectors Consumer durables, Diversified services
Location Libreville, Gabon
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