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Billioncodes Software inc An edtech company focused on training, recruiting and building apps

Cover image of Billioncodes Software inc, Computer software venture on VC4A

Billioncodes Inc
Has established an online system that connects various developers in our reach so as to work on code related _projects_ or _assignments_ submitted through our website within a given timeframe.
We believe irrespective of the technicalities of this community anyone can also join without having to worry about how to code!
What do we mean?
We have two team in this community
– Developers Team
– Advertising Team

Each team has its own requirements & benefits,
So you have the choice of deciding which team suits you based on your abilities.

As an advertiser
– You get paid for each 3rd person you refer
– Join the community group
– Get free Billioncodes stickers

As a developer
– You get an ID Card from the community.
– You get a Billioncodes Roundneck
– Get paid for each job you complete.
– Obtain free access to our premium accounts and lots more

Sectors Computer software, EdTech, Information technology
Location Ede, Nigeria
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