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Bii by Sustainable Food Solutions Bii - together against food waste

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Bii by Sustainable Food Solutions

Bii by Sustainable Food Solutions

We ” Save ” Foods that would otherwise be wasted, such as the leftovers of hotels or restaurants, the products of supermarkets close to the expiry date or the dairy fruits and vegetables of suppliers, to sell has a small price but if these foods have not been sold they are put together with close partner organisations, such as orphanages who are struggling to buy food!
With a zero-cost value chain and zero CO2! Food is collected and delivered using the daily roads of food suppliers and unused spaces in their vehicles, without generating additional costs or CO2! While ensuring food safety and a legal framework protecting all players involved in the redistribution chain: Zero costs but also zero risks!

SectorsConsumer durables, Environmental services, Waste management and recycling
LocationCasablanca, Morocco
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