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Big Brains Food a make you always taste

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“Big Brains Food commitment is to build strong communities of Africa. We have a strong ambition in Uganda, a country with a thriving need for energy, Automobile and food security to sustain its foreseen growth in the coming years.”
As Women play a big role in every segment of the clean cooking value chain. It is researched that every day millions of women around the world are breathing in harmful smoke while cooking their families’ meals and walking far distances to secure fuel in order to cook those meals. Exposure to household air pollution caused by polluting, inefficient, and dangerous cooking practices kills nearly 4 million people every year, and millions more suffer from cancer, pneumonia, heart and lung disease, blindness, and burns. Women’s involvement can increase project effective-ness and help scale adoption of products and services, while also impacting their livelihoods.

Sectors Automotive, Cars, Solar power
Location Kampala, Uganda
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