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Bichbichi Company Limited Ensuring water security and sufficiency for the most vulnerable women.

The company helps the vulnerable members of the community meet their needs especially water.In Marsabit county one of the arid lands of Kenya water is one of the most scarce resources.The company seeks to empower vulnerable women and households purchase water storage facilities to harness rain water.The company uses equitable financial model and group synergy to achieve its objective.The company seeks for 100,000 Euros to purchase one air water converter machine to avail clean and safe water for the community.The company is sure of making 170 Euros per day from the  sales of water produced by the machine.The company will have generated 61200 as gross sales per year.The machine is a capital one time  investment that makes money through the sales.The company also seeks for partnership with investors to start producing the tanks within our locality.We further seek for philanthropic support to purchase more storage tanks and reach out to broader market.

SectorsWater utilities
LocationGrogan B, Kenya
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