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Better Origin The food chain is broken - our technology fixes it.

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1/3 of all food produced is wasted.

Yet, we need to increase food production by 70% before 2050 to meet the demands of our growing population.

At Better Origin, we are passionate about fixing the broken food chain by using insects. Our product, the X1, is the world’s first AI-powered insect mini-farm. Inside a shipping container, technology and nature work together to convert waste into high-value nutrients.

The insect farming industry is growing fast, and we are developing it with the farmer at heart. Unlike most companies within the sector, we produce decentralised modules that can be implemented by any farmer, anywhere in the world.

The X1 is just the beginning – the opportunities for the use of insects in human and pet food, as well as in non-food products, are endless.

Sectors Biomass, Food production, Waste management and recycling
Location United Kingdom
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