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Beit Farms Ghana DUAPA app

There is an urgent need for increased access to agricultural extension, financial transaction, digital market and advisory services by smallholder farmers, particularly women and youth, unfortunately the public system in Ghana, as in several African countries, has become financially unsustainable and these services are not widely available. The lack of these services denies millions of smallholder farmers the opportunity to learn and apply efficient agronomic practices, financial inclusion to improve productivity and increase household food security.
Beit Farms Ghana has developed and tested new business-led solutions to meet this service shortage. Digital platforms — notably mobile phones, e-commerce, and capacity building —rapidly connect farmers to trusted information, resources, markets, and financial services. The model includes a greater role for the private sector, including information and communications technology-equipped field agents who source produ

SectorsAgribusiness, Farm machinery, Financial services
LocationValle Gran Rey, Spain
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