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Before Covid-19, Apiarists in Rwanda faced unmatched beekeeping experiences, technologies and skills for conserving and multiplying bee colonies. Covid-19 measure restrictions made it even worse where no apiary trainings and educational tours are in place thus putting more bee species In Rwanda deep in danger. On top of this, despite the high demand of honey as it is used in basic treatment of Covid-19, apiarists in Rwanda do not have practical skills and apiary experiences, thus low honey production. Beyond this, application of chemical pesticides in farms are kills thousands of bee colonies in Rwanda every year. Solving this, our hands-on biodiversity conservation training program to the youth in Rwanda and with an intention to contribute the ecosystem restoration by planting more trees to help bees have good honey collection fields, setting up demonstration touristic apiary sites for and mindset mobilization of famers on how to do farming without compromising the life of bees

Sectors Agribusiness, Animal farming
Location Kigali, Rwanda
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