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Batsil Maya S De RL MI Coffee Value Chain

Venture Profile Batsil Maya S De RL MI image of SIV Bats Il Maya Ok

We are a cooperative belonging to the value chain of coffee (production, processing and marketing) We add green coffee from our partner-producers, subsequently we make the process of dry profit (selection by size and weight) in order to obtain by qualities and then to perform the roasting, giving the added value. Finally we pack final product to sell in grain or ground, depending on the client’s requirement, highlighting that one of our main customers are our own coffee shops “Capeltic”. Being our slogan: “de la mata a la taza”; we have absolute control of the product traceability, the guarantee of information, and above all, based on the model of Social and Solidarity Economy, the search for self-sustainability of both our coffee plantations, and the people who constitute this organic and integral project.

Sectors Food and beverage, Import and export, Wholesale
Location Ubilio García, Mexico
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