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Bancalimentos S.A.S Comprehensive food banking, where your recyclable waste is your saving

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Bancalimentos S.A.S

Bancalimentos S.A.S

Bancalimentos is the first bank in Colombia where users can save points by giving their recycling waste in exchange for food and essential goods and services.
At the same time, users can access to credits and insurance to obtain food when they do not have money and can pay it with their solid waste: bottles, cardboard, plastic, styrofoam
and more.

1. More than 10000 users of our products in Colombia since we launched Bancalimentos in
2015 (2.400 users reached per year).
2. 2.880 tons of solid waste recycled
3. More than 2 million of food products have been given to our users.
4. More than 30.000 USD in profit in 5 years
5. Venues opened in 10 villages in Colombia:

Sectors Banking, Environmental services, Waste management and recycling
Location Fómeque, Colombia
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