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Bak Green Energy Consult BakEnergy

Cover image of Bak Green Energy Consult, Clean technology and energy venture on VC4A

The (‘Nyansapo’ means INNOVATION) Solar Home System is a locally manufactured solar power generator sold with a high quality 24 inch satellite TV, lights, FM radio system, USB charge port access and room ventilation fan enabling off-grid rural, farmers, poultry farmers and Peri urban homes access to entertainment, educational programs for children and impact based agricultural programs for farmers all powered by the Sun. Additionally the USB charge port of the generator enables customers access to information, communication, trading and internet for the rural community. This is an innovative solution to many problems faced in the sub Saharan African market, by locally developing a hardware by the people and creating the desired employment and reduced in prices to compete with those imported into the country.

SectorsClean technology and energy, Renewable energy, Solar power
LocationSunyani, Ghana
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