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Ayni Chef It's like uber but in gastronomy

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Ayni Chef

Ayni Chef

Ayni Chef is a startup whose social reason is to give opportunities to entrepreneurs and culinary professionals to create a self-employment, through a model of collaborative economy using technology (mobile application and web page), consolidating a virtual platform where the cooks will be able to work (cook) from their home and expose their profile and their dishes to the users who are interested. Ayni Chef is in charge of picking up the order of the chef’s house and taking it to the user or client’s house.
Mensinoar also that Ayni Chef promotes gastronomic entrepreneurship, generates income, increases the rate of economically active people, grants the right tools to new entrepreneurs to raise the capacity of a fast growth, considerably minimizes the initial investment, almost completely nullifies fixed costs and grants the start of its activities with a competitive advantage when determining the most economically advantageous gastronomic offer.

Sectors Food and beverage, Food production, Smart city solutions
Location La Paz, Bolivia
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