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Avify Centralized Back Office for e-commerce Automation

PROBLEM: Due to pandemic, In the last two years thousands of businesses have increased the amount of channels they are using to sell their products because of the explosion of Direct to Consumer model, representing a huge problem for businesses because one channel is not enough, all these channels are not connected and the inventory is a mess. At the end of the day many of these businesses end up using Excel to manage a unified inventory and other numbers that they need to update manually.

SOLUTION: Avify is the best solution to centralize channels, delivery services, payment gateways and other tools to automate manual processes, have one unified inventory synchronized with every channel and have a powerful workflow to save time, collect orders from conversations, get the right numbers and focus on the most important work to make the business grow.

Sectors E-commerce, Retail and wholesale, Software as a Service
Location San José, United States of America
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