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Atzam Gas Services Atzam is into the sales of LPG and it’s accessories in a retail outlet

For the past two years in Nigeria, the rate of usage of LPG has increased from 634,000MT to 1 Million MT. Hence, LPG is the gold of today. Atzam Gas services is into the sales of Liquefied petroleum gas and its accessories to end users. The world is getting greener and Atzam encourages the use of fuels that do not cause pollution in the environment.
Atzam gas service is poised to create more employment opportunities in the future and this will reduce the unemployment rate in the community.
In house Safety training is a routine activity of the company. This will improve the employability skills of Atzam staffs.
The use of mini gas pump equally provides a safe environment for the staffs and passers by. The mini pump will also reduce service time thereby creating adequate time to refill faster compared to other retail outlets.
All this and more gives us leverage over other outlets. Hence, the need for us to grow.

Secteurs Appareils ménagers, Services de gaz naturel
Emplacement Nigeria
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