Aturi Africa Delivering Financial Resilience To The Informal Sector In Africa

In Kenya alone,95% of income generating activities take place in the informal(Jua Kali) sector where there are no regular salaries nor regular wages.There are at least 12 million Kenyans registered with Federation of Jua Kali Association and this represents a large part of the informal income earners.Majority of these are men and they are heads of their families,being the family bread winners.If we take the average family size in Kenya of 4 people,then we are looking at 48 million Kenyans being supported by family heads with no regular salary nor wages.In the case where the family head dies or becomes disabled,financial ruin befalls the family.The family misses to educate its children and the poverty becomes chronic.
To empower these families deriving livelihood from the informal sector to gracefully recover from financial catastrophes,we have built a technology platform to provide Innovative solutions to build financial resilience among the self-employed and the informal sector.

StageStartup stage EST September 2016
SectorsBlockchain, Fintech, Insurance
LocationNairobi, Kenya
Customer modelB2C
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