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Association Agir pour l’agriculture Intelligente Agricultural production and capacity building

Cover image of Association Agir pour l'agriculture Intelligente, Crop farming venture on VC4A

The AIS company specialises in agricultural and animal production aimed at a local population and external markets. We produce cereals, oilseeds and animal husbandry and poultry, but also provide training in plant and animal production; the development of micro-projects for the benefit of agricultural producer organisations (POs). Our objective is to strengthen the resilience of the people of Chad, more precisely that of the province of the Middle-Chari by giving them the means to act more easily on their environment in the face of the intensification of drought and the climate variety. This action envisages setting up an agricultural farm and promoting training in the field of agriculture for the benefit of young people. Support the country in its efforts to reach the goals of sustainable development and to combat food insecurity among households in Chadiens.Primarily, creating employment for young people

Sectors Crop farming, Environmental services, Natural resource protection
Location Chad
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