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Asociación de productores apícolas de Corozal Satisfy the customer with a natural, pure and unalterable product

Venture Profile Asociación de productores apícolas de Corozal image of Linea De Nueva De Productos Derivados De Miel

Promote community development through the strengthening of the Corozal community’s beekeeping project, on the island of Roatan, for the reduction of the negative impact on the fishing resource of the Bay Islands Marine Natural Park, specifically in the Special Protection Zone Marina Sandy Bay West End. The project was oriented to improve the income of the families of a fishing community that previously depended on fishing with prohibited arts, it is projected that at least 15 families will benefit from the generation of products derived from 80 hives as being: pure honey, honey balsamic, soap and shampoo. The marketing of products made through a plan of exploitation and commercialization will be strengthened and the initiative will be disseminated through various means such as trifoles, labels, videos among others.

SectorsAnimal farming
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