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Arena Recycling Company Environment, Recycling ,Circular Economy, Water and sanitation

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Arena Recycling Company

Arena Recycling Company

Alarmingly, more than8 millions of tons of plastic waste discarded in our ocean each year and plastic pollution at the sea course to double by 2030, our ocean provides the largest natural carbon sink for greenhouse gases, when plastic enters to the ocean it leaves a deadly legacy it directly chokes and smothers a host of marine animals and habitat.

Arena Recycling Industry is a social business that committed to offer Eco-friendly building materials made from recycled plastic waste for construction of houses, pit latrines, water tanks and septic tanks, we ventured a polymer-sand technology to combat the environmental mitigation caused by plastic pollution while fabricating building materials to alleviate the poor sanitation and hygiene

SectorsConstruction and manufacturing, Manufacturing, Waste management and recycling
LocationDar es Salaam, Tanzania, United Republic of
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