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Apis honey solutions sure sweetness.

There is an overwhelming demand for quality honey and associated products currently at 500,000 tons per year. (Daily monitor Saturday, January 11,2020)
But, there is only 800 – 1200 tons produced per year, hence a very low production.
Some farmers have tried to engage in commercial beekeeping but have been overwhelmed by demand
Beekeepers lack modern skills of farming.
Poor harvesting techniques.
Use of old school types of hives.
We are solving this demand by
Commercial beekeeping which can reduce honey scarcity and other related products at least a ton a year at an affordable cost.
Our Product.
Processed honey.
Our Innovation
Extraction of bee venom for pharmaceutical purpose i.e. treating arthritis.
Processing our products
Business Model
we spend each month:
Salaries and wages
– $150.
Other fixed cost
– $100.
Funding Ask
It requires:
$1000 operational costs for a year
$1945 capital cost
$5557 for 200 hives .

Sectors Animal farming
Location Kalisizo, Uganda
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