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Anyuola Tilapines Your Very Own

Anyuola Tilapines uses the natural method to produce fingerlings while cages are meant for out-grow of post-fingerlings. Fish cages have high carrying density capacity of fish and can therefore use a small area to rear thousands of fish as compared to fish ponds. While fish ponds require constant exchange of water, fish cages utilizes the fresh natural waters which naturally purifies itself to produce high tonnage of fish which meets the ever increasing demand for fish. Anyuola Tilapines therefore aims at solving the global food shortages by providing an alternative cheap source of animal protein not only to the local communities but also strives to solve food crisis of the Kenyan nation. Job creation to the youth and women in fishery is also one of the primary goals of Anyuola Tilapines.

SectorsFish farming
LocationSiaya, Kenya
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