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ANIIT Fair livestock with quality and technology

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In the face of exponential population growth, there are few opportunities for development to meet food demand and that it is nutritionally viable.
The aim of ANNIT is to turn livestock into a growth engine for Mexican families with scarce resources seeking to achieve a sustainable lifestyle, providing them with knowledge and improving their working conditions through production units with IOT technology for the growth of poultry. Obtaining a product of characteristics superior to the organic specifications, free of antibiotics, and with higher nutritional value, inducing the content of Omega 3 and lowering the cholesterol in the meat.
ANNIT is a company committed to the Mexican families dedicated to primary activities, diversifying the productive capacity of the workers, reducing the environmental impact of the livestock and impacting in a beneficial way in the nutrition.

SectorsAgribusiness, Crop farming
LocationSan Francisco del Rincón, Mexico
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