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AMAYA Energy Clean is sustainable

Solar power has been successfully used in many agricultural processes such as cold storage, industrial drying, and lighting facilities which significantly affect the shelf life of agricultural products and livestock. Farmers and food businesses livelihood are at stake if most of their product does not have access to an adequate supply of light to process, preserve and store.

AMAYA ENERGY, a fast-growing renewable energy start-up in Nigeria, aims to collaborate and support small-scale farmers and SME actors in Nigeria’s food system value chain with alternative power sources to enable them to achieve increased productivity lievlihood through effective engagement with donor agencies, Government and private sector. This way, consumers will have access to nutritious and healt foods at affordable prices when needed, farmers can also enjoy their profits. Our tagert audience are Fish, Poultry, Dairy, crop farmers Piggery and food businesses such as Meat slaughtering houses

Sectors Food production, Solar power
Location Lagos, Nigeria
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