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Amasar LLC Amasar is a woman-led sustainable agribusiness working with breadfruit

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Amasar LLC

Amasar LLC

At Amasar we truly believe that breadfruit is a superfood with the potential of alleviating hunger and at the same time, it generously helps cool down the planet by sequestering considerable amounts of CO2. However, the holistic transformational process begins in our communities a tree at a time. First, we adopted learning by doing and have experienced first-hand the benefit of educating and inspiring children, women, and other groups on our own farm through means of free agro-tours and training sessions. We educate ensuring communities realize the benefits of sustainably grown breadfruit in nutrition, building circular economies, and protecting our planet. Second, we support local farmers, especially women, to develop breadfruit agroecological farms and provide necessary technical help to ensure they succeed. Finally, we create delicious BF based nutritional foods and offer products to the world as eco-friendly, sustainable alternatives.

Sectors Agribusiness, Food and beverage, Manufacturing
Location Jayuya, -
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