Almejas Palmares Extraction and sale of clams, cockles and shrimp.

We extract clams with a well blade, the damaged ones are classified and the small ones are buried for their reconstructions and the rest are brought to the plant to purge and after several days with continuous changes of sea water they sell to final customer alive or frozen this process is to remove the maximum possible sand from their valves.
We extract cockles using the foot movement in the sand and a zaranda are then brought to the plant to is marketed alive or frozen.
We fish shrimp in lagoon with nets and we transfer them to the plant are marketed alive or frozen.
We have potential because we have a group of people who work together x more than 10 years and the care of this resource we do all x our future.
We managed to enable the first artisanal fishing plant in Uruguay We will be able to process these products in different ways as they do in other countries and we will generate more source of work.
Our customers are from the high gastronomy.

SectorsAgribusiness, Animal farming, Fish farming
LocationPalmares de la Coronilla, Uruguay
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