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Aljuli Engineering Ltd We Collect, Treat and Offer Wastewater for non potable Re-Use

Cover image of Aljuli Engineering Ltd, Sanitation venture on VC4A

Aljuli Engineering Ltd is as Water and Wastewater Engineering Firm. To date we have been involved in more than 50 Construction Projects resulting in the installation of more than 45 wastewater treatment units that are contributing to the reduction of the disposal of untreated waste into the environment.

In a bid to offer a more comprehensive product for the treatment of wastewater where there is no sewer connections, we have developed a nature-based Wastewater Treatment System (BioTiv). It offers a complete solution in the treatment and disposal of waste from humans naturally. We provide collection structures for waste (toilets), treat solid waste in anaerobic reactors and clean effluent to non-potable standards for re-use in gardening, cleaning or safe disposal to the environment. Our goal is to make BioTiv the go-to alternative On-site Wastewater Treatment System in the Region.

Sectors Sanitation, Water treatment, Water, sanitation and hygiene
Location Kagumo, Kenya
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