ALIFE AIR Pte Ltd One word to best describe our business is “ZERO EMISSION FUEL”.



One word to best describe our business is “FUEL”. But not just any type of fuel, one that can be made cheap to produce, is easily accessible, has ample resources, and is “Zero Emission”.

Zero Emissions represents a shift from the traditional industrial model in which wastes are considered the norm, to an integrated system in which everything has its use. It advocates an industrial transformation whereby businesses emulate the sustainable cycles found in nature and where society minimizes the load it imposes on the natural resource base, and learns to do more with what the earth produces.

In a nutshell – this is our mission as we harvest Nitrogen and Oxygen gases from the atmosphere and convert them into our proprietary mix of liquefied air, as a unique fuel composition we call ”ALIFE® Air Fuel”

Stage Startup stage EST January 2013
Sectors Clean technology, Clean technology and energy, Green transportation and electric motors
Location Unit 03-02, Singapore
Markets China, Isle of Man, Malaysia, Singapore
Customer model B2B2C, B2C, Governments (B2G)
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