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Cereal farmers are faced with the daunting task of scaring birds off their farms losing on average 15-20% of their production. These losses amount to over $80 million annually according to the FAO. This task requires farmers to spend at least 8-10 hours of productive time in the process. Some farmers resort to using chemicals which are harmful.
Our solution helps AIscarecrow farmers successfully ward off pest birds, cutting their losses to these birds by 90-95% and saving 8-10 hours of their time. Using aural and visual aids, the visual aids consist of a drone uniquely designed to look and fly like a predator bird that flaps its wings and flies around instilling the fear of the presence of a real raptor hence the birds flee the scene. Secondly a drone dressed up to look human fitted with a sound system to depict the presence of a human making noise. The aural aids consist of not only the human sounds but sounds biologically understood by the birds that act on the fear instincts.

Stage Startup stage EST February 2019
Sectors Agribusiness, Crop farming, Farm machinery
Location Accra, Ghana
Markets Ghana
Customer model B2B
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