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AIQUE Environmental Management we turn all wastes into exciting innovations.

Cover image of AIQUE Environmental Management, Blockchain venture on VC4A

We are an Abuja based plastic pollution company that turns all Plastic & PET bottle wastes collected into pure polyester fibres & Nylon products, through smart & innovative environmental friendly recycling processes.

We buy,sell,collect,aggregate,bale,crush,hot/cold wash,transport & recycle plastic wastes bottles.

We are also the One Bus stop Crypto Hub, for firsthand & genuine Bitcoin & Altcoins information.

Our Services include:
-Bitcoin and Altcoins Exchanges.
-Bitcoin ATM & Wallet Installations.
-Investments,Trades & Ultra Securities.
-Coin Analytics & Signals

SectorsBlockchain, Renewable energy, Waste management and recycling
LocationAbuja, Nigeria
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