AIQUE Environmental Management we turn all wastes into exciting innovations.

We are an Abuja based plastic pollution company that turns all Plastic & PET bottle wastes collected into pure polyester fibres & Nylon products, through smart & innovative environmental friendly recycling processes.

We buy,sell,collect,aggregate,bale,crush,hot/cold wash,transport & recycle plastic wastes bottles.

We are also the One Bus stop Crypto Hub, for firsthand & genuine Bitcoin & Altcoins information.

Our Services include:
-Bitcoin and Altcoins Exchanges.
-Bitcoin ATM & Wallet Installations.
-Investments,Trades & Ultra Securities.
-Coin Analytics & Signals

Stage Unknown EST January 2013
SectorsBlockchain, Renewable energy, Waste management and recycling
LocationAbuja, Nigeria
Customer modelB2B2C
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