Agropreneur Initiative Transforming lives through agri-business

We leverage our mobile application to provide low interest loans coupled with climate smart agribusiness support to farmers while generating revenue from commission & subscription.

Agropreneur Initiative is a social enterprise founded in 2013 by Brian Mangeni that is striving to empower untapped, local potential to affect lasting change in diverse communities of Africa. Our mission is to improve smallholder farmers’ livelihoods through affordable finance. Our solution is designed to bridge the gap of immediate fund access for rural based small holder farmers with limited access to formal credit.
Over the past 7 years, we have provided climate smart agriculture training to over 120,000 farmers and issued input loans (seeds, fertilisers, pesticides and tools) to 13,511 smallholder farmers from the eastern and central part of Uganda in addition to buying up 108,450tonnes of their produce and delivering it to processors and various vulnerable communities.

Secteurs Agri-entreprise, Services financiers, Aliments et boissons
Emplacement Kampala, Ouganda
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