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In spite of the importance of Cassava in Sub-Saharan Africa, its processing has been and remains a serious global challenge. The peeling of cassava roots is unavoidable and it is the most problematic eluding processing operations. Due to irregularity in shapes and sizes of cassava tubers, researchers find it herculean in developing an efficient peeler without accounting for undesirable levels of wastage. In view of this, a peeling machine was developed using wirecables; knitted on a hollow cylindrical shaft for abrasion. Upon evaluation, the machine was be highly efficient, cost-effective, reduce losses, easy to use, and safe to operate. More so, it is aesthetically pleasing and it has the propensity to be adopted into the quest for timely processing and improved quality of cassava products. As such, this solution will enhance rural and urban livelihoods and will contribute greatly in reducing the looming effect of Post-Covid-19 pandemic on sustainable food security in African nations

Stage Startup stage EST June 2019
Sectors Agribusiness, Construction and manufacturing, Farm machinery, Food production, Manufacturing
Location Lagos, Nigeria
Markets Nigeria
Customer model B2B, B2B2C
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