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Agrodemy enterprises Agribusiness plan-execution resource platform

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Agrodemy enterprises

Agrodemy enterprises

Agrodemy is a unique digital platform that offers a two-fold solution for the agricultural sector. Our marketplace provides a convenient platform for farmers and buyers to transact in bulk, buying and selling fresh and packaged agricultural products. Our academy, on the other hand, focuses on value addition and agribusiness, providing resources that empower farmers to add value to their agricultural products and their business.

We are addressing the problem of limited market opportunities for farmers and the need for value addition in the agricultural sector.

What makes us unique and innovative is our integrated approach that combines a bulk marketplace with a specialized academy. This holistic solution caters to the entire agricultural value chain, providing farmers with a comprehensive platform to optimize their business operations. Agrodemy’s innovative approach promotes entrepreneurship, sustainability, and economic growth.

Sectors Agritech, E-commerce, E-learning
Location Nigeria
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