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Relaying on natural replication of plantain suckers takes a mother plantain sucker an average of 6months to produce additional 3-5seedling suckers which is inefficient to mobilize prospective plantain farmers for large plantation. Thus, the barrier poised by this natural method of plantain regeneration has created huge gap in the multiplication/supply chain of improved plantain suckers and Agri-food sector.
The purpose for this venture is the need to expand the cultivation of plantain/banana beyond backyard for commerce and wealth creation which early has been hampered by the scarcity of improved suckers through macro propagation technology. Plantain sucker multiplication/macro propagation technology is a greenhouse technique employed in rapid multiplication of improved plantain suckers, order than relying on natural regeneration which emergence of new suckers follows a hierarchical pattern due to a strong epical dominance exerted by the mother plant

Stage Growth stage EST June 2016
Sectors Agritech
Location Enugu, Nigeria
Markets Nigeria
Customer model B2C
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