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Agro 5.0 (Agro five point zero) Agri tech company providing customized software solutions and products

For mother Africa to develop we have to be able to feed the people. To this end we must work together and smarter. Even though it is lucrative we do what we do mostl for the people. Our startup AGRO 5.0 flagship application adresses challenges of market sourcing, partnerships, easy access to affordable loans and equipment, access to timely relevant information on prices, weather, best farming practices e.t.c, poor allocation of resources and management of farms. We also provide tech gadgets such as private weather stations and soil sensors that are compatible with our softwares and feed data directly into the system. The data is analysed and presented in easy to interpret format together with recommended action. Our goal is to improve adaption of technology in agriculture and rural areas. Our system ensures the most efficient distribution of resources and products in individual countries and the continent as a whole resulting in better income for farmers and fair prices for consumers.

SectorsAgribusiness, Agritech, Marketing and PR
LocationKaroi, Zimbabwe
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