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AgriYaar African products, African market

Cover image of AgriYaar, Crop farming venture on VC4A

AgriYaar is a web and mobile platform for the sale of agricultural products exclusively dedicated to small producers. Our project is explained by a paradoxical observation: the 3/4 of those who are hungry in Burkina Faso have a curious job of producing food. This is certainly due to climatic and technological constraints but, above all, organisational problems: problems of planning, management, interactions between the players, collective marketing. We then developed AgriYaar to allow small rural producers who are generally excluded from urban markets to sell their products thanks to proximity and accountability. Our main customers are hotels and restaurants but also households. AgriYaar deserves your support because it allows small producers to live in dignity of their profession.

Sectors Crop farming, Food and beverage, ICT
Location Burkina Faso
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