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Agripreneurs Hub Train farmers improved farming methods, value addition, export

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Unlike other private traders who go to farmers after harvesting period just to buy products, we will first be identifying the best crop to be grown in the area based on our expertise using agricultural extension officers and then buy their produce or link them with lucrative buyers for the benefit of both the farmers and us. This will be achieved by, we will find markets and but the produce from farmers and sell it on their behalf, this is to gain mutual trust from both parties then we will create farmer cooperatives, group them and provide the necessary expertise and some inputs like seeds. We are working on making a database of farmers who were relying on Auction holdings commodity exchange which is a subsidiary of our national grain trader that have just declared themselves financially incapable to buy produce on how best we can engage with almost 0.001% of its market share that was previously valued at over 400m USD. Goal is excellent produce, value addition, export and growth.

Sectors Agribusiness, Crop farming, Farm machinery
Location Lilongwe, Malawi
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