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AGRIdigichain Deploying solutions to grow value chains

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1st commercial growers
Commercial growers deal with other stalk holders in the value chain, they find it difficult to connect to real transactional data to concerned actors like contractors, logistics, partners, etc because of massive data gaps and difficult to track to insights and progress of crops and other farming activities.

2nd Farmers Based Organization
Find it difficult to manage farmers from a centralized registry in every cropping season. Difficult to ensure traceability and quality stand compliance among farmers
Difficult to track farmers’ average performances to identity key productivity drivers
Inability to push best practices to all farmers in the network.

Is a digital tracking technology and data-driven platform (ERP) that empowers commercial growers, farmer-based groups, out-growers and other key actors with data insights, eliminate all unnecessary paperwork and other supply chain inefficiencies as a modern way of farming from a centralized ERP

SectorsAgribusiness, Agritech, Cloud solutions, Crop farming, Enterprise software, Food production, Mobile
LocationAccra, Ghana
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