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Agraz del Cauca Agraz wine the ancestral secret of our elders

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Our company agraz del cauca started about three years ago, it is a family initiative and everything we have achieved has been on our own merits because we do not have any help, the reason for working with this fruit and seedling agraz (Vaccinium meridionale) is to try to help the community economically, also to raise awareness and provide a management to not continue exploiting the ecosystems of Paramo through the cultivation of agraz, also seeing the commercial demand for this fruit as it is medicinal and has many health benefits for its high content of antioxidants, we decided to transform the raw material into wine, because we did an investigation and there were almost no wines of this fruit in the market, we also realized that the wine and agraz seedlings project is very profitable, in these three years we have participated in many events, farmers markets, craft fairs, trade fairs, also events held in our indigenous cultures.

Sectors Food and beverage
Location Santa Rosa, Colombia
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