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AGEPC (Africa Green Economy Promotion Center) Economy Verte today ..! For a Green Generation tomorrow ..!

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AGEPC (Africa Green Economy Promotion Center)

AGEPC (Africa Green Economy Promotion Center)

The hyacinth is one of the most widespread invasive macrophytes in the world, especially in tropical countries. AGEPC of JEVEV NGO has developed the collection of water hyacinth by the residents by putting in place an economic sector of sustainable recovery of the Jacobinths through the composting in aerobic and production of off-soil culture substrate very effective in water conservation, given the character of retention and retention of water according to the temperature of the environment. In addition, the transformation of hyacinths into aerobic conditions avoids the emission of greenhouse gases and a financial recovery of these emission reductions is possible on the voluntary market. The activity of transforming the water hyacinth into compost is a dual purpose innovation: it contributes to the preservation of the environment while reducing the effect of degradation of the ozone layer caused by agricultural chemical inputs (chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides)

Sectors Agribusiness, Animal farming, Crop farming
Location Dangbo, Benin
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