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Afroagripreneurs Network Climate and digital actions in hair ducts

Afroagripreneurs Network is a limited liability company, a model for the integration of young people into agricultural value chains whose programmes are always based on climate and digital actions in agribusiness. We provide the solution to transform sweet potato. For several reasons, the agricultural transformation of sweet potato is seen as an excellent way to reduce post-harvest losses and improve the value chain of sweet potato. Mild harvest Paths can be easily sold on markets in order to avoid the cost of storage or loss of perishable goods; the final product, our wine, must be of great consumption in order to justify large-scale production whose sale can generate enough income. Transforming the sweet potato makes it possible to extend the period of availability of this foodstuff and thus reduce the welds.

Sectors Agribusiness, Agritech
Location Goma, Congo, Democratic Republic of the
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