Afrimash Company Limited Number 1 Online Destination for Farmers

Afrimash Company Limited

Afrimash Company Limited

Afrimash provides an online platform designed for farmers to access quality farm inputs in a timely and convenient way.

Afrimash partners with more than 200 verified input suppliers to provide over 1000 verified farm inputs to farmers nationwide. Afrimash platform helps input suppliers to efficiently and easily reach farmers directly in any location; and farmers can conveniently find their products and securely shop online for quality items as well as receive orders safely delivered to their locations.

Our online marketplace solution is uniquely designed to serve farmers who have Internet access as well as those who do not have Internet access. We run a hybrid system that makes this possible.

Our solution promotes SDGs 1, 2, 8, and 17

SecteursAgri-entreprise, Commerce de détail, Vente au détail et en gros
EmplacementAkobo, Nigeria
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