AfriLife Products Afrilife is a Tanzanian producer of organic, fair-trade honey.

The company’s key activities consist of 1) purchasing raw honey from local Tanzanian beekeepers, 2) processing the honey at AfriLife’s facilities, 3) packaging it, and 4) selling the honey to retail outlets. The company works with a network of more than 250 local Tanzanian beekeepers who supply the company with raw honey for processing.
The company is addressing value chain inefficiencies leading to low productivity and negligible exports despite conducive environmental factors in Tanzania and rising global demand for honey.
Afrilife seeks to improve the quality of the value chain through the introduction of improved techniques, skill training, and knowledge transfer and facilitates access to capital to finance this transformation. Subsequently, it seeks to leverage the improved quality honey with a foray into the untapped export market. Enhancing biodiversity and supporting forest preservation go along with quality improvement.

Secteurs Agri-entreprise
Emplacement Tanzanie
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