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Africa Center for Inclusive Development #Sheabutter# #Liquid Soap# #Bar Soap# #Soyabean Farming#

Venture Profile Africa Center for Inclusive Development image of Commission Of Sheebutter Processing Machine For Women Group

Africa Center for Inclusive Development (ACID-GHANA) has established Social Enterprise as subsidiary through our operations to sustain the organization funding within the next 5years to reduce 100% donor funding of the organization activities. The enterprise is mobilizing groups trained by the organization in our various projects/programmes activities to form cooperative groups to provide technical and financial services to members to improve their business and livelihood for economic and social well-being. These groups will serve as ACID Social Enterprise Cooperative Union. Each operation district will have a cooperative group with various member business Ventures. The revenue that will be generating from the enterprise will used to support ACID-GHANA intervention activities.

SectorsCrop farming, Drugs and cosmetics
LocationTamale, Ghana
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