AfieWura We provide rent finance for tenants and allow them to repay monthly.



In developing countries like Ghana, a lot of people struggle to get access to decent accommodation.
 Access is expensive due to rapid urbanization coupled with a minimum of one to + two years advance rent payments  This has resulted to homelessness, lose of jobs, stress and social problems such as housing sector deficit.  

Afiewura is an real estate and housing service provider which offers flexibility to pay your rent online, build your credit history, and find a decent accommodation.

 Afiewura analyses a person income, then search and provides tenants with decent accommodation taking into consideration, safety, nearness to work, historic data on cost of utilities a facility and also specific user preferences.
We then provide full payment of the rental cost for tenants, then, tenants repay us monthly.   Rent repayments builds a credit history for tenants and can be used to access other financial products.

With this in place, tenants get an accommodation they can afford, and we are also assured of a good repayment flow.

StageStartup stage EST January 2019
SectorsFintech, Real estate
LocationAccra, Ghana
Customer modelB2B2C
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