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Affluent Farmers Ltd. An Agro-Consultancy and Agro-Supplies Firm located in Nairobi, Kenya


At start, the founder was the only team member. Over time, our team has grown to five individuals. The increase represents the need to have more human resource to cater for different areas of operation. The various roles for each member are the following:

General manager: founder/ owner- handles all overall management tasks. Also main source of funding source for the firm. All the running of the business.

Manager/ Technical Supervisor/ Extension Officer- Oversees production operations. Implements planned projects. Supervises staff. Handles technical duties in the farm. Offers technical advice to farmers. 

Agribusiness Expert- Advises the team on feasible agribusiness projects. Leads the company on advising farmers of best ventures to start. 

Sales and Marketing Rep- Heads the sales and marketing departments. 

Junior Staff- Handles firm’s manual jobs like working in farms, deliveries, hygiene & cleanliness.